Healthy Balance, LLC


Practicing Pilates with the right form and consistency, makes it a method of exercise like no other – it correctly develops all parts of the body making it strong, functional, and correctly structured. With a consistent Pilates practice, how you look and how you move eventually become a part of who you are, so you can work and play with ease and truly live your best life.

Pilates for Life

For so many of us, Pilates is much more than an exercise method - it is a way of life.

A fusion of the mind and body based on the reawakening of dormant muscle and brain cells, Pilates gives us the opportunity to live a life where the gap between functional motion and enlivened thought has been bridged.

No matter who we are or what shape we are in, we feel how Pilates enhances the everyday activities of our lives - whether it’s just bending over to pick up the newspaper or running a 26-mile marathon. And by becoming ingrained in our thought process it can move beyond the physical realm - essentially teaching us to effectively manage our entire being while providing a positive connection to our sense of self.


  • Full body workout
  • Mind-body exercises with meditative qualities
  • Breathe better, fuller, and deeper
  • develops a strong core to support and decompress your spine
  • a beautiful balance between flexibility and strength
  • creates body-mind awareness
  • a practice you can do safely and with constant progress and challenge for the rest of your life