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Healthy Balance, LLC


Balanced Yoga

Yoga for Every Body

Small Group Class

If you want to relax and become balanced, centered and calm, this class will take you there!  If you want to achieve peace of mind and discover your hidden potential - this class is for you!

Enjoy a small class setting for all bodies and levels.  Moving with our breathe promoting proper alignment, flexibility and strength within our body.

Benefits of Yoga

A consistent yoga practice can help improve strength, balance and flexibility.

Ease arthritis symptoms, back pain relief and benefit heart health.

Yoga relaxes and can help you sleep better.  

Looking for more energy and a better mood?  Yoga can help!

Stress relief is extremely important to our overall health and well being including our immunity.

Bring a friend and carve out some "us" time!

Theresa Wood, E-RYT

Theresa has been teaching yoga for over 13 years and is her first love.  She has completed her training with Yogafit and has acquired her E-RYT through yoga alliance.  She is just as passionate about her own education as she is to share her knowledge with others.

With over 2700 hours of teaching experience and smaller class sizes to ensure your experience is not only safe but unique to your body.