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Small group personal training - providing a safe, healthy and fun environment to help you get in shape and stay in shape! Space is limited.

AM and PM classes available!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tabata Bootcamp

Why Tabata Bootcamp? Why only 30 minutes?

There's a reason HIIT is HOT, and Tabata Bootcamp is the new HIIT! For years, we've been focusing on calories burned during exercise, but new research reveals that we should focus on what happens AFTER exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp workouts are short in duration and designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp offers the newest and most unique approach to HIIT with incredible results!

HIIT is not done on consecutive days as this type of training requires highest intensity effort. Muscles need to replenish and rest - This workout is done every other day or 2-3 days per week. We keep the body guessing by changing the movements and timing.

Evidence suggests that high intensity interval resistance training has more pronounced effect on EPOC levels than similar types of aerobic training. EPOC - Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption - amount of oxygen consumed after exercise is completed by the body to return to rest which has been proven to accelerate weight loss. AM sessions include 3 - 30 minute workouts every week and PM Tabata Bootcamp 2 - 30 minute workouts every week.

BONUS!! HIIT not only helps you to loose weight, but gain energy, tone your body, increase strength and balance. This is functional fitness, helping you excel in your everyday life!

I've never worked out before, can I do Tabata Bootcamp?

YES!! Tabata Bootcamp starts at a beginning level, this bootcamp is great for all ages from beginning to advanced and anywhere in between. All boot camps are small groups so space is limited.